Animated Movies

  • In Batman: Bad Blood, Nightwing is forced to take Batman’s place and don his spare costume during the time he’s missing. He later helps Batman break free of the conditioning Tailia put him through. Given the call between him and Starfire, it would seem Bludhaven has had so much crime, they haven’t had a chance to be intimate in some time.

  • Additional Animated Movie Appearances
    • Dick Grayson appears as Nightwing in Batman: Under The Red Hood, voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. He first appears to patrol Gotham alongside Batman, offering help when he found him fighting a group of smugglers. He was also present during one of the first battles with the Red Hood (Jason Todd), where he obtained an injury to his leg causing him to sit out of the final battle between Batman and Red Hood.
    • Nightwing appears in Son of Batman, with Sean Maher voicing the character. He appears to stop Damian Wayne from killing the defeated and severely wounded Ubu. After a prolonged battle (which happens off-screen, although a few shots are later seen during the credits), Nightwing manages to subdue and tie up the boy, although he ends up with a number of sizable sword cuts. At the end of the movie, he pilots the Batwing to rescue Batman, Talia and Damian.
    •  In Batman vs. Robin, Nightwing returns to help train Damian while Batman is busy investigating the Court of Owls. Dick is dating Starfire in this film (as he called her “Kori”, matching the redhead image on his phone), who phones him and tries to entice him to come over to her place.
    • In Batman and Harley Quinn, Nightwing is a main character in this film, alongside Batman and Harley Quinn. Nightwing helps Batman, and Harley Quinn attempt to stop, the flouronic man (the villain in the movie) in his evil plot to turn all humans, into plant people. Nightwing is portrayed by Loren Lester and has a budding romance with Harley Quinn throughout the movie.
    • A Feudal Japan version of Nightwing will appear in Batman Ninja.


    Live Action Movies

    DC Extended Universe

    On February 23, 2017, it was reported that Warner Bros. Pictures was developing a film centered on the character, set in the DC Extended Universe, with Bill Dubuque writing the script and The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay signed on to direct the movie[37]

    Discussing why he likes the character and signed on for the project, McKay cited the character’s showman personality and background as an entertainer and expressed his excitement for depicting that in the film. He later stated that he wants to introduce a complete adaptation of the character, something that hasn’t been done in previous film interpretations of him before. McKay continued to state that the director-driven approach is why he loves Warner Bros., and how the franchise is differentiating itself from other popular shared universes. In an interview with Cinemablend, McKay confirmed that the film would acknowledge the titular character’s past from the source material, including his time as a part of Haly’s Circus, and also reaffirmed that the film will be a straightforward action movie with minimal use of CGI special effects and grounded realism.